The Adventurists

Purveyors of odysseys and chaos to counter the modern world


We’re The Adventurists.

‘We’re fighting to make the world less boring.

Our planet used to slap us about the face-cheeks with iron fists of adventure every day.  Maps had edges to walk off. Men feared the monsters that lurked in the deep. Whole continents lay undiscovered.

But now, the entire surface of the Earth has been scanned by satellites and shovelled into your mobile phone, tagged with twattery about which restaurant serves the best mocha-latte-frappeshite.

Getting lost and in trouble is no longer an occupational hazard of walking to the market. It is an art-form. One we strive to perfect.

We live to find ways to make the world a bit more difficult. To bring chaos into our over-sanitised lives.  To create adventures where you don’t know what will happen tomorrow or if you’ll even make it.

Because we think there’s no greater moment than those seconds as you leap into an abyss of uncertainty and disaster.’

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Just some of the seriously adventurous adventures on offer:

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