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What is the Silk Road?

We’ve probably all heard of the Silk Road, but how many of us really know what it is? The Silk Road consists of an extensive network of trade routes that have been around for over 2000 years, connecting the West with the East. The Ancient Silk Road conjures up many romantic images: exotic Royal courts decorated in an opulent style, camel trains traversing vast deserts and merchants haggling in crowded and atmospheric bazaars. Picture the scene and you can almost smell the perfume, see the dust and feel the breeze. From Italy to China and all places in between, the Silk Road evolved constantly, engaging travelers and entwining the lives of diverse groups of people. Numerous civilizations, cultures, and religions have been caught up in and affected by the goings on along this route. Though there is no definitive answer as to what (and who) comprise the Silk Road, Central Asia lies at its heart. Read more….

Silk Road – History

The Silk Road was a network of trade routes connecting China and the Far East with the Middle East and Europe. Established when the Han Dynasty in China officially opened trade with the West in 130 B.C., the Silk Road routes remained in use until 1453 A.D., when the Ottoman Empire boycotted trade with China and closed them. Although it’s been nearly 600 years since the Silk Road has been used for international trade, the routes had a lasting impact on commerce, culture and history that resonates even today. Read more….

Below are some very good books, written by people who have traveled the Silk Road by car, cycle, overland, and of course Marco Polo’s classic.

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