Five Aventure Podcasts To Inspire You

Five great adventure based podcasts to really inspire! They all come at life and ‘adventuring’ from slightly different angles. They have a wide variety of guests and topics covered on their episodes, some will be your cup of tea and some won’t, now may be a great chance to listen to some of their back episodes and really get some ideas/dreams/motivation for future projects.

1) Adventure Sports Podcast:

The Adventure Sports Podcast is an in-depth interview into the lives of adventure sports enthusiasts around the globe. You’ll hear from outfitters, guides, instructors, authors and many more who live their lives to the fullest. Subscribe now to get access to the three episodes every week.


Go to The Adventure Sports Podcast website here…

Instagram @adventuresportspodcast

The podcast host is Mason Gravley

Instagram @alive_adventures


2) Terra Incognita – The Adventure Podcast:

An ongoing series of long-form conversations with pioneers of exploration and discovery, filmmaker Matt Pycroft speaks to the most knowledgeable, accomplished and respected voices in the field. From mountaineers to Arctic scientists, tree climbers and polar explorers, Terra Incognita is a unique podcast that allows you to get up close with those who live extraordinary lives.


Go to the Terra Incognita podcast website here….

Instagram @theadventurepodcast

The podcast host is Matt Prycroft

Instagram @mattprycroft


3) The Power Of Adventure Podcast:

Acclaimed ‘adventurer’ and survival consultant Megan Hine (Running Wild With Bear Grylls, Man Vs Wild) delves into what the true spirit of adventure is, and encourages listeners to put that at the heart of their lives in this brand-new podcast series, brought to you by author and master of adventure fiction, Wilbur Smith.


Go to the The Power Of Adventure Podcast website here….


The podcast host is Megan Hine

Instagram @megan_hine


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4) Art Of Adventure Podcast:

In 2014 The Art of Adventure Podcast started and ias become on of the top podcasts in the world for Location Independent Business, Adventure Travel, and cutting edge topics.


Go to the Art Of Adventure podcast website here….

Instagram @artofadventurepodcast

The podcast host is Derek Loudermilk

Instagram @derekloudermilk


5) Living Adventurously Podcast:

‘Back in my youth, my glory days, I spent 4 years cycling around the world. Ever since then I’ve been interested in the idea of Living Adventurously. But the definition of Living Adventurously differs for everyone. And it also changes over time, as our lives and circumstances change.
So I decided to get back on my bike and spend a month asking different people what living adventurously means to them….’ – Alastair Humphreys


Go to the Living Adventurously Podcast website here…

The podcast host is Alastair Humphreys

Instagram @al_humphreys


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