Gina Johansen – 3000km Walk The Length Of Norway, 629km Traverse Across Frozen Lake Baikal


‘Gina 28, from Sweden has a passion for travel and adventure, and for pushing herself outside of her comfort zone. Her goal is to “Escape the Ordinary”. Over the past few years, that is what Gina has done!
On May 14th 2016 Gina left Sydney on a bicycle, with everything she would need to be self sufficient as she cycled 2,700km up the east coast of Australia to Cairns, where she stayed for 2 months.
In early 2018 Gina decided to take on her first big solo winter expedition, skiing 60 days from North Cape to Jäckvik  in Sweden, having never skied before. Since then she has gone on to cross  Lake Baikal in Siberia (Russia), 692 km  over 14.5 days – Going solo from South to North and most recently she did the NORGE PÅ LANGS a 3,000km walk over 3.5 months, from the southernmost point in Lindesnes to North Cape the northernmost point of Norway.
During this episode, Gina shares more about her early life, how she got into adventure, how she picks future challenges and what she has learned on the way. Gina also provides top tips and advice to motivate and inspire you as you go after your next challenge’.
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6th of May is the start day of our traverse of Norway. We will start at the southernmost point Lindesnes and walk by foot all the way to North Cape the northernmost point of Norway.  34 km north of our home town Honningsvåg.

It is an distance around 3000 km and we are planning to take about 3,5 month, about 30 km a day. We will mainly walk through the mountains and nature and avoid the roads as much as it is possible.  – Gina Johansen before the start of the 2019 Norway adventure.



In February 2019 I traversed Lake Baikal from the southernmost point of the lake, Kultuk, and walked a distance of 692 kilometers to the northernmost point, Nizhneangarsk.  It’s a little village about 30 km north of Severbaikalsk where most people finish their expedition.

This expedition is by date the toughest I have ever done. The temperatures were freezing ( night temperatures as low as minus 40), strong winds that knocked me over several times, ice cracks as wide as few meters with open water and maybe the toughest part LONELINESS. I walked most of the days between 50-60km a day without any breaks more than for a drink, eating was done by walking.

For me, this was my second ever expedition and without a lot of experience, it was a real test. I loved Siberia. Lake Baikal is just a place that stands out and you have to experience it to understand what I’m talking about. The ice is just incredible and the Lake is something special about. It’s like magic.



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