5 Years ago Sean Conway Completed His Length Of Britain Triathlon


Cycling Britain

The ride that started it all. With no money to go abroad, Sean decided to spend a month cycling the length of Britain. The problem is he didn’t even have a bike and had no cycling experience at all. It took him a long time.

Swimming Britain – Worlds First

Swimming the length of Britain was a challenge that many thought impossible. Sean disagreed and spent 4.5 months at sea proving it could be done. He grew his beard to shield himself against jellyfish.

Running Britain

To complete the final leg of the worlds first ever length of Britain Triathlon, he ran 1011 miles from John O’Groats in 44 days fully self supported carrying everything on my back. Working  my way up to 40 miles per day Sean explored as many trails through Great Britain as possible.


Sailing Britain World Record

The 4th length of Britain attempt saw Sean and two mates sail the 700 mile route from Lands End to John O’Groats in 83 hours and 53 minutes – a new world record. He also nearly had a record for being seasick for the longest, an excruciating 50 hours.

 Also available to buy or rent Sean’s new movie.

‘Endurance athlete and adventurer Sean Conway sets out on his last attempt to break the world record for cycling unsupported across the whole of the European continent. The film documents the incredible 6000km journey, following Sean through 8 countries as he faces increasing adversity on route’.


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