Johannes Voelkner Founder Of Nomad Cruise On The Art Of Adventure Podcast


On this Art of Adventure podcast is the founder of Nomad Cruise, Johannes Voelkner. Johannes started travelling when the term digital nomad did not even exist yet. He is the founder of the very first digital nomads Facebook group that still exists and grows at present.


In this episode, Johannes shares what digital nomadism is and where it is going as movement or a trend, and how it has affected the planet and humanity as a whole. He then takes us to the Nomad Cruise, how it started, why it was created, the organization behind it, and what goes on inside the cruise.

Johannes also opens our eyes as to the reality of being a digital nomad and the importance of having a community where you can run home to after all the travel. He tells us that if we want to try being a digital nomad, go ahead, but don’t overcomplicate and don’t change your entire life before going anywhere!

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Nomad Cruise website

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Nomad Cruise Instagram @nomadcruise

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