Europe Or Bust – Sean Conway

Sean Conway is one of the UK’s best-loved adventurers and endurance athletes. He has cycled the world. Ran, swam and cycled around the entire coast of Britain and set numerous world records along the way. But there is one that has eluded him for years…A world’s fastest cycling record.


In this fascinating, fly on the wall adventure documentary we follow Sean as he attempts to break the world record for the fastest cycle across Europe. The route takes him a staggering 6000KM through 8 countries.

Sean chooses to make the attempt by riding fully unsupported. He has to find his own food, places to sleep, and has nobody to help with things like bike repairs and route finding. A truly staggering feat of human endurance.

Follow Sean as he battles his way across Europe dealing with headwinds, lack of food and sleep, injury, and more…Can Sean go the distance??

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