How A Long Distance Cyclist Ended Up Building A Walking Trail – Self Propelled Podcast


Tom Allen describes himself as a self-unemployed creative explorer, but that doesn’t necessarily do him justice.

He’s an adventurer, author, blogger and co-founder of the Trans Caucasian Trail, and he called in from his current base in the South Caucasus.

He also founded,

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Tom’s website is

Instagram at @tom_r_allen


Self Propelled Podcast host Dave Cornthwaite can also be found on Facebook doing live chats about his adventures. Sat 16th of May he talked his 2404 mile descent of the Mississippi River in 2011, the first time anyone had Stand Up Paddled the Mississippi carrying all of their own gear.

Go to Dave’s website to find out about past expeditions and future projects.

Instagram Dave Cornthwaite @davecorn


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