HYDROTHERAPY. Overcoming A Life Changing Illness Through Wild Swimming

Hydrotherapy is a short film by Friction Collective. It’s a story of adaptation, strength & re-wilding set in the raw and beautiful landscapes of Snowdonia National park. Laura has not only overcome a life changing illness through wild swimming, but has also found a greater connection to the natural world. This has ignited her mission to make a stand for the natural environment, and protect wild waters and wild spaces across the UK.

This beautiful short film is made by the Friction Collective

Instagram @frictioncollective

You can keep in touch with Laura on Instagram @wildwelshswimmer

Laura is panning to swim 908km in 15 of the UK’s National Park rivers. Starting from the source of a river collecting micro plastic samples in what is believed to be a first. Along the way, she will be collecting 220 litres of water to analyse for micro plastics which are invisible to the naked eye. Along with scientist Dr Christian Dunn they will study the effects of microplastics in our most pristine and fragile eco systems. The results will be analysed and published in an academic research paper for @surfersagainstsewage in order to inform scientific research on this emergent issue and to inform the wider research of plastics in our U.K marine environment. More details to follow. They are looking for sponsors for each park and main business partners to get this scientific research off the ground! Please help share and spread the word!


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