Pull Of The North

In May 2016, a team of four adventurers began a three-month, 2,000-mile canoe journey from the source of the Yukon River in Canada to its mouth at the Bering Sea in Alaska. The expedition was made through the lands of the Athapaskan First Nation people who, more than 10,000 years ago, crossed the Bering land bridge from Asia. The paddlers explore the strength of this culture and its landscape, animals, ancestral knowledge and spiritual beliefs. The expedition is a journey of discovery into what being human means to the “people of the river”.

You can stay in touch with Ian Finch at his website http://www.ianefinch.com and on his Instagram page @ianefinch

Filmmaker Caroline Cote can be found on Vimeo and Instagram @caro.line.cote

Canoeist Martin Trahan is on Instagram @martin_trahan_canoeist

And finally the fourth member of the team was photographer Jay Kolsch www.jaykolsch.com or Instagram @jaykolsch


Former Royal Marine Commando Ian Finch, is an adventure and outdoor brand photographer, expedition guide and journalist whose been travelling to remote environments for over 10 years. Ian’s desire to record, capture or lead expeditions in unfamiliar corners of the globe is driven by an urge to learn about traditions from the native cultures that call it home. His major expeditions or creative journeys are linked with this cultural thread or are part of his “Traditions First” lifetime project.

His latest expedition, 1,300 mile journey to retrace the footsteps of the Cherokee removals was featured heavily for October 2019 Sidetracked Magazine Issue 16 with a 20 page written story and photo essay. Also, his 2000-mile canoe descent of the Yukon River, was included in the top 10 adventures by the Guardian in 2016. Ian has also led or participated in cultural expeditions to Alaska, Mongolia, Greenland, Indonesia, Tibet, Canada, Iceland, Nepal, China, US and Northern Norway. His raw passion for life is driven by creative discovery and capturing authentic bookmarks in time from expeditions, landscapes and people.

He combines his love for photography, writing and filmmaking with wild landscapes and the great outdoors. When not overseas, Ian lives in London, UK.

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