The Beautiful Storytelling Maps Of Alex Hotchin

Alex is an illustrator, map maker, adventurer and observer of small details.  She makes art and books to tell stories about the world around her, and is especially interested in the art of map making and the inherent subjectivity of experiencing a place. Her work captures detailed moments in multi-layered narratives.  Alex’s drawings are for exploring, and they aim to inspire others to look at the world around them a little differently.

Alex grew up in outback Australia.  Days were spent swinging from flying foxes and caring for rescued animals.  School was on the radio.   After moving to the city and working in the architectural industry for more than a decade, her love for moving adventures and eventful moments saw an 18 month overland bicycle adventure imagined and undertaken.   Alex now continuously travels short and long distances to explore new places and meet new faces.

Her work has been exhibited in Istanbul, New York, Melbourne and in Sefrou, Morocco and Nozawa, Japan.

Go to  to find many more maps, illustrations, prints and journals. You can also follow Alex on Instagram @alex_hotchin

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