Leaving The Rat Race For A Life Of Adventure With Jamie Ramsey -Everything Endurance Podcast

Jamie Ramsay is an award-winning British Endurance Adventurer. After 12 years of successfully living and working at a stressful job in London, Jamie realized he was unhappy with the direction of his life and that if he didn’t make some drastic changes then things would continue to spiral downwards.

His rather audacious solution was to quit his job (where he was a newly promoted Partner), fly to Vancouver, and run 17,000km to Buenos Aires completely unsupported.

Since his leap into the unknown, Jamie has traveled the world running, climbing and trekking his way across some of the worlds most iconic places, from running across the Atacama Desert, Cycling across a flooded Salar de Uyuni, reaching the summit of Aconcagua, and coming 3rd in the Cape Wrath Ultra despite nursing a sprained ankle.

In this episode, he chats to Will about some of the highlights from his travels, about his approach to planning adventures, and about changing your life for the sake of your mental wellbeing.

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Here is just a selection of videos from Jamie’s excellent YouTube Channel

You can stay in touch with Jamie on his website at https://www.jamieramsay.net and on Instagram @jamieisrunning

Jamies’s adventures include:

2014-2015: 17,000km solo & unsupported  run from Canada to Argentina

2020: Successfully summitting Chimborazo (6264m), Cotopaxi (5894m), Cayambe (5790m), Iliniza Norte (5126m) and Ruminahui (4630m)

2019: 4027km cycle across Australia-Melbourne – Adelaide – Alice Springs – Darwin

2019: 620km unsupported run across Iceland (east to west)

2019: 800km wilderness trek along Hayduke trail in Utah, USA

2019: Summiting Aconcagua (6962m)

2018: 400km Cape Wrath Ultra run (3rd overall)

2017+2018: 265km Transalpine Run (3rd mixed category “18)

2017: 370km Mongolian camel trek (on foot)

2017: 3,700km solo cycle from Sao Paulo to La Paz

2016: 700km solo & unsupported British Three Peaks run

2016: 430km solo & unsupported Scottish isles run

2013: 240km solo & unsupported Vietnam run


Will Roberts was the host talking to Jamie on the Everything Endurance Podcast. You can check out Will at his website https://baldlygo.uk and on Instagram @willbaldygo

Also check out the Beyond The Ultimate website at https://beyondtheultimate.co.uk/ lots of exciting stuff going on there, also on Instagram @beyondtheultimate

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