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The legendary Kamaz truck, piloted by Dmitry Sotnikov, goes head to head with a rally car, driven by five-time Turkish rally winner Yağız Avcı, on one of the most dangerous roads in the world, the D-915.

We’re in Turkey, on the D-915, one of the Most dangerous roads in the world, with a Rally Car driven by five-time Turkish Rally Championship winner Yağız Avcı and the legendary Kamaz truck driven by pilot Dmitry Sotnikov – two-time Silk Way Rally champion. Full blast on the endless bends and hairpins of that singular road. The chrono is on, and at the end of the stage it’s time to… Change vehicle! Built by Turks and Russians together in 1915, the terrifying hairpin bends on the foot of Soganli Mountain are seen as one of the toughest road challenges. But nothing’s too big for the two drivers. Who’ll take the lead on that one? Avcı revealed: “It was quite a risky track that did justice to its notoriety. The track was quite dangerous, but also very exciting and competitive. It was a high-adrenaline challenge with plenty of tight and hairpin bends, pushing the limits of the car and tyres. Stones and rocks created fewer problems for it (Sotnikov’s Kamaz – Master truck) than for me. Our exhilarating race was a nice contribution to the story of the road.” _

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