Congratulations To The Art Of Adventure Podcast – 300 Episodes Old This Week


These are great words from Derek. It’s hard not to be inspired by this guy!

‘When I first started this podcast, I said I was going to make 300 episodes. Now, it has been about six years, and I couldn’t believe that it’s finally here!

Things I Learned

My identity and the identity of this podcast have been intertwined when I first came up with the name, The Art of Adventure. It started with the blog. I talked about it with people and they started associating me as “Mr. Adventure“. That forced me to become more adventurous.

This show has evolved and progressed. Back when I started, I was trying to learn how to travel the world, live abroad, and earn a living- basically live a life of adventure. The podcast started with me, interviewing my friends, and eventually developed a cohesive model and created a well-defined show with guests who talk about adventure, metaphysics, peak performance, and business.

In the beginning, I did not really know how to interview, how to produce a podcast, and how to find the right guest. I had to learn as I went. If you track the changes in the world and the changes in my life, and you overlay that on the podcast, there are all these different phases of life that I experienced while we had this continuity of a podcast through 300 episodes. You might be able to see where I’m coming from as the host, in what questions I ask, and the kind of guests I’m bringing on the show.

What is cool is that I don’t really know what I’d get from these podcasts. I have taken so many ideas from guests. I am now a business coach, because of the influence I had from a guest. From a cycling coach, to a podcast coach, I finally decided on expanding to be a business coach. A guest also suggested that I turn the ideas I get from the podcast and turn them into a book, which, eventually became the Superconductors. Right now, I am working on a book with adventure stories, taking some of the greatest and wildest adventure stories from the podcast. I have grown my Instagram account from ideas I got from guests, too. I also learned to ask more and more audacious things and make “unreasonable requests” in asking for big things.

These guests have brought so many ideas that I have incorporated in my life, travels, business, family, and relationships. It has been such an amazing access point, as the host. I hope it has been as well, for you, because when you apply these ideas, such big and dramatic things happen for you and your life. The really important part is that you don’t have to get it perfect, but you do need to go and try it. You can learn these concepts, but until you go and try using them, you don’t really know the knowledge, or understand how everything works.

Right until you go through the experience, you can’t ever know what it’s like until you do it.

Now I can say, I’m a podcaster and I’m not planning on stopping. This is one of the best parts of my business and of my life. I am motivated to continue improving the show and getting these guests on. I want to take this a step further and look at what kind of collaborations and win-win scenarios I can create with my guests. Most of my guests have some mission trying to make the world a better place in their own unique way. If we approach with the idea of how can we co-create together and look at creating win-win scenarios, then I think that is really what is going to help progress our planet, us as humanity, and really looking at how I can help and serve other people.

The podcast shapes my identity, but my identity is what allows me to keep podcasting

When we started this show, what we discovered is the four pillars which I rely on when I coach entrepreneurs. The metaphysics, which is the spiritual side and the newest pillar. Then there’s the business skills, where we dig into the minds of the thought leaders and learn the business skills needed. Then we look at this overarching theme of what allows these people who set world records or billionaires be the best in the world, that is, the mental and psychological aspects of what they are doing. I call this the Leap Methodology.

This is a move towards that I call, Quantum Entrepreneurship, that is, harnessing not just business skills but alignment with the greatest good for yourself and the universe to create businesses that both teach you the lessons and allow you to progress right through your own hero’s journey.

Entrepreneurship and adventure are such amazing tools to really have these range of experiences to grow and develop as yourself. They are also perfect outlets where one can contribute to the benefit of the rest of humanity. What drives this podcast is my interest in the best information, stories, ideas that are going to help humanity move away from this ego-driven I-need-to-grab-everything-that-I-can to an economy, culture, society, of service to other people. Also, in a way, I hope that we find joy and move towards things that we really want to be doing that really light us up. We also get to find what we are called to do- what our mission is and what we really feel we want to change in the world. When we find that sweet spot then it is so easy to wake up in the morning and pour our energy  into our projects, our business, and into making the world a better place.

I want to thank you for listening and for the amazing guests that have come on the show. It’s really a pleasure to know that the people are out there and take value from this content.

To more episodes! Let’s all go out there, and be adventurous – – Derek Loudermilk – The Art Of Adventure Podcast

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