Overlanding Around The World With Your Family, Featuring Graeme Bell – Overland Journal Podcast

Scott interviews Graeme Bell, a South African that has travelled around the globe overland with his wife and two children. Their stories include choice of vehicle, how to work together as a team, the benefits of minimalism, and how to earn a living while on the road. Their travels have included the length of the Americas and Africa, along with explorations in Europe and the Middle East in their Land Rover Defender.

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You can check out the Bell family adventures and all thing overland at their website https://www.a2aexpedition.com/ also on Instagram @graeme.r.bell


Further reading by Graeme Bell and two other books on overlanding:

We are the Bell family – ordinary people who enjoy the extraordinary. Luisa and I inherited a particularly strong strain of wanderlust from our ancestors. We grew up moving around South Africa and both loved the outdoors and camping. As adults we were initially happy with the odd camping trip in one of our Land Rovers (we had three old oil leakers at one stage) but once returning to “normal” life after a six-month drive from Cape Town to the Serengeti, Tanzania in our Defender 130, we became restless and insatiable. We realised that the overlander addiction was too strong to ignore and eventually decided to take the leap into long-term overlanding. There were also other motivating factors. Having grown up in isolated Apartheid South Africa, we both wanted to explore the planet and learn more about this world we inhabit. The opportunity to spend every day with our children, to watch them grow and to be their primary educators was irresistible. We were not satisfied with the level of education the children were receiving back home and were determined not only to learn invaluable life lessons but to also share those life changing experiences with our wonderful kids.

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