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In 2018, Emelie Forsberg went back to her homeland to attempt a Fastest Known Time (FKT) in the Kungsleden Trail, a hiking trail in the Swedish Lapland that boasts spectacular wilderness and is usually crossed by hikers in no less than 15 days. She completed the 450km trail in 4 days and 21 hours, beating the current FKT, held since 2017.

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The King’s Trail has something for everyone

Hiking the King’s Trail, Kungsleden, takes you to the far north of Sweden, through scenic mountains and the beauty of the four national parks of World Heritage Site Laponia. Multiple entry and exit points mean you can easily tailor your hike.
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This is a good ‘Walkumentary’ made by a Elin Nordlander who did the trail with her boyfriend and dog.

Walkumentary: Kungsleden

This is a full lenght documentary I made from when me and my boyfriend thru hiked Kungsleden (The King´s trail). The trail stretches from Abisko in the Arctic Lapland, Sweden, to Hemavan, 430km south of Abisko. It has all you need to know about Kungsleden. This is a must do hike before you die! It is one of the most beautiful places in the world and should be on everybody’s bucketlist. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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skiing kings trail

Hiking along the Kungsleden, the Swedish Royal Trail as it is called in English, has become increasingly popular. There is a multitude of guidebooks as well as online information for this hike. However, doing the same stretch on skis in wintertime is still much more of a solitary experience. As far as we know, there is no guidebook available for the Kungsleden in winter. To close this gap a tiny bit, we have gathered some information that we learned during our trip in 2018.

This is written by an Austrian couple Mimi and Martin who completed the Kungsleden on skis. Click here…. to read all about it.

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