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On bike, foot and – erm – paramotor, Ross and Hugo Turner have found a way to reach some of earth’s most extreme points. The duo talk us through their adventure so far.

The Turner Twins have a bond most siblings could only dream of. After breaking his neck aged 17, Hugo Turner’s perspective on life changed, and he and his brother Ross decided to undertake a life of adventure. Once Hugo was well again, the Englishmen set out on a 2,650-mile row across the Atlantic. Not content with being punished by 40-foot waves, they then attempted to traverse Greenland’s polar ice cap, using the same clothing as Sir Ernest Shackleton. They then did the same thing – donning the clothing of a century ago – to climb Mount Elbrus.
Now the twins are in the process of finding the world’s eight Poles of Inaccessibility – the points farthest inland on every continent. With three down, and five to go…..
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Red Pole Expedition:

There are several centre points in Australia including Lambert’s Gravitational Centre, however, the twins’ succeeded in reaching the furthest inland point from any coastline. The expedition took three weeks and covered 1,600kms, crossing some of the most inhospitable land in Australia; Lake Eyre, the Outback and the Simpson Desert.

Green Pole Expedition:

Cycling 2,500km across Chile, Bolivia, and Brazil to find The South American Pole of Inaccessibility.

Bad Pole Expedition:

The twins’ cycle across the United States from Los Angeles to the Badlands National Park, where they reached the North American Pole of Inaccessibility (centre of the continent).

You can stay in touch with the twins at their website or on Instagram @theturnertwiins

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