3 Facebook Groups For Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads Around the World

Digital nomads around the world FBAbout this group:

Private group 129.1K members

This is a place for digital nomads to share advice and tips related to living the digital nomad lifestyle. Sharing our experiences and knowledge can only be a good thing!


Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

digital nomad entrepeneurs, FB group

About this group:

Private group 57.5K members

Are you a digital nomad and do you want to adventure and work with awesome like-minded entrepreneurs? This group is for you!
We are going to create real life events and meetings around the world. The first event will be renting a villa in a paradisiacal place where we will work together under the same roof.
Gathering people with shared interests and business must be an amazing life-changing experience from which we can get inspired and build great things together.
Expand your network while growing your business and having fun with entrepreneurs from all over the world.
Join the community of successful digital nomads who enjoy freedom in business and adventure in life!

Global Digital Nomad Network

Global Digital Nomad Network, FB

About this group:

Private group49.6K members

Want to connect with other digital nomads around the world? Then this group’s for you. We’e stoked you found us!
In this group we’ll discuss all things “digital nomad” – the best locations, the newest marketing hacks, potential business collaborations and personal stories of traveling entrepreneurs. We can’t wait for your input.
One important thing before we start: Let’s be nice to each other! Karma’s a bitch anyway. Also make sure you check out out pinned post with all group rules before you post.
Thank you for being here!
P.S.: This group was started by the founder of Nomad Cruise

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