Cape Town To Cairo – A Classic Overland Route

Mark Beaumont – Africa Solo: Cairo Cape Town 41 days (world record)

Short film about my Cairo to Cape Town ride in March/April 2015 where I set the World Record at 41 days 10 hours and 22 minutes – 18 days faster than the previous best. 6762 miles (10,819km), 190,355 feet of climbing, 160 miles a day, 439 hours in the saddle and a seriously tough ride down the length of Africa. Enjoy!

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Cycling Cairo to Cape Town on the Tour d’Afrique


“At this point it’s in the hands of the gods. We can’t do any more preparation. So… it’s over to them. Let’s get on with it.” Part one of our eight part series sees the cyclists as they start their grand voyage across Africa. The route takes them from the Great Pyramids at Giza, down the Red Sea and alongside the Nile River. Entering Sudan they traverse the desolate Nubian Desert to Khartoum.

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Cycling through Africa – from Cape Town to Cairo – Thomas Andersen

A collection of photos and videos from my 8 months and 10.000 km on the African continent – from Cape Town to Cairo!

You can find out more about Thomas at his website

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Adventurer’s Bucket List: Cairo to Cape Town – RedBull


Famed adventurer Gerry Moffatt stocks your bucket list with an overland journey through Africa.

Gerry Moffatt: My preference is to recommend an overland route, and Cairo to Cape Town is an absolute classic. It’s the type of trip that makes for a great old-fashioned adventure. Something you can plan but that remains totally unpredictable in terms of the outcome. Overland routes, be they by motorcycle, vehicle or train — even a combination of all three — present significant challenges en route. The end result is a series of experiences beyond one’s wildest dreams.

Cairo – Cape Town – 28 Days on a Royal Enfield

07.02 – 07.03.2017 Cairo – Cape Town with a Royal Enfield Classic 500 28 days 10 countries 13,300 km

Instagram @g.klauser

GoPro: 10,000 Miles South Overland Through Africa in 3 Minutes Idrthrbskiing

Inspiring 10,000 mile overlanding expedition road trip south across Africa. Through Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

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