The Complete Trail Food Cookbook: Over 300 Recipes For Campers, Canoeists And Backpackers

Appetizing, energizing and easy-to-prepare recipes to enjoy on the go. These outstanding recipes meet the needs of outdoors and camping enthusiasts and provide tasty homemade meals. Trail food made by combining wholesome foods dried at home with nutritious shop-bought ingredients is more economical than commercially prepared packaged food, and it can be customized to suit individual tastes and avoid preservatives. This wide array of recipes, from the everyday to the gourmet, includes breakfasts, main courses, side dishes, breads, high-energy snacks, desserts and hot and cold beverages. Many recipes are just add water, and some require no cooking at all. Recipes such as these are so good they could be enjoyed every day, not just on the trail: Vanilla cinnamon, French toast, Curried chicken and apples, Campfire pizzas, Cheese and herb skillet biscuits. Created by a unique team with extensive camping and culinary experience, this will become the definitive book on trail food.

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