Hiking The Painters’ Way In Germany – 112km Of Nature And Art


Hiking on Painter’s Way

20200615_095822The Malerweg in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is one of the most beautiful and popular walks in Germany. It leads right through the middle of the fascinating rock world of Saxon Switzerland and links the best parts of the region that have impressed and inspired painters, musicians and poets from all across Europe.

With its historic route, the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg combines nature, hiking and art in an utterly unique way. The origins of the staged circular route date back to the 18th century, when the Elbe Sandstone Mountains became fashionable as a wild and romantic tourist destination. 2006 saw the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg be reconstructed based on historic guidebooks and fitted out with new signposts. Since 2012, display boards featuring historic landscape paintings that were created at the very sight at which they are now on display, have been giving visitors a feel for the importance of the region in terms of its art history.

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It is recommended that the 112 km long hiking trail be tackled in eight daily stages. These can be easily reached via local transport from the one starting point or, alternatively, you can stay in a different place every night and walk with or without luggage.

Malerweg stages

This brochure(in German) is a great starting point for those looking to organise a hiking tour along the Malerweg trail in Saxon Switzerland. You can find clear maps of the stages with route descriptions, as well as addresses for hiker-friendly accommodation.

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Hiking The Malerweg (Painters Way) trail In Germany – The Adventure Junkies

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I find myself returning to The Malerweg Trail almost every year. It’s natural beauty attracts nature-lovers and artists from all over the world. Caspar David Friedrich, a famous 18th century painter, loved  hiking this legendary trail. It was during one such hike that he created, The Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog, which many consider to be some of his best art.

Broken into eight one-day stages, the beauty of this 112 km (69.5 mi) journey lies in its simplicity. The average distance between each stage is 17 km (10.5 m). This allows hikers of all ages and experience to enjoy the route. One can choose to either take on a multi-day excursion, or break the journey into individual stages.

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The Painters’ Way Hike – Barbara Rubin

It’s one of Germany’s most picturesque hikes and is renowned for having become a sort of iconic natural haven and source of inspiration for Europe’s Romantic-era artists. The landscape is best described as fairytale-like, making Malerweg a well-loved experience by hikers from around the world.

Malerweg – Trekking Project

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains Malerweg trail in Saxon Switzerland is one of the most picturesque hiking trails in Germany. Where once painters sought inspiration for their timeless works, you can now walk along a 112 km hiking trail through Saxon Switzerland.


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