Live Before You Die – Fell Pony Adventures

A modern day dreamtime. The freedom of a life on the road with horses in an English Summer.

Travelling the length of the country and back again with a pair of horses and gypsy caravan, Live Before You Die is the ultimate horse-drawn road movie, following a band of Travellers with handcarts, goats, donkeys and ponies along green lanes to the fairs and festivals of England.

Shot by Tom LLoyd on a hand-cranked clockwork Russian super 8mm camera during a 9 month journey, the footage remained un-viewed for 13 years until seeing the light of day in 2008. Also by Tom Lloyd ROMANY RAI A horse-drawn journey breaking apart stereotypes of Gypsy and Traveller culture

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Wild camping pack pony treks to hidden corners of the Lake Distrtict


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