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When Freya Hoffmeister asked me to accompany her on part of her quest to circumnavigate North America, I jumped at the opportunity. We would paddle down the California coast through the Channel Islands, an 11-day blip in a 30,000-mile journey she expects to take 10 seasons to complete.

I was curious what it would be like to paddle with this powerhouse. I heard stories about Freya from all over the world—mostly about an unrelenting speed demon—and had met a couple of men with broken hearts and egos from their time with her. Would I keep up? Could I last? Were there more than great white sharks to worry about on this trip?

Freya was looking to make more than just miles on her North American odyssey. On previous journeys, she paddled solo and unsupported, including around Australia (2009) and New Zealand (2007), and around South America over four years (2011-2015). She’s gone from doing trips in one continuous leg to having them broken up over years. On this epic trip, and for the first time, she asked other paddlers to join her for segments.

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Freya Hoffmeister paused her North American circumnavigation on March 21, 2020, due to the coronavirus crisis.

To stay in touch with Freya visit her website at http://freyahoffmeister.com/

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Jamie lead the first Circumnavigation of Svalbard Archipelago:

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