Along The Templar Trail – Brandon Wilson

Templar trail

It was an idea born while hiking the famed Camino de Santiago across Spain. Two men shared a dream of trekking from Europe to the Middle East on the ultimate road trip. It just happened to be a path walked by thousands of Crusaders, pilgrims and merchants during the Middle Ages, a time when wars, unforgiving weather, wild dogs, and an ever changing cast of weird characters tested even the toughest traveler.

Traveling simply with backpacks and trusting in the kindness of strangers, the pair have two goals: to carry a message of peace along a route historically used for war, and to establish a pilgrimage path others might follow regardless of nationality, culture and religion.

As they say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” Two modern-day travelers discover the truth when they take on that same ultimate challenge-to hike the Templar Trail across 11 countries and 2,600 miles to Jerusalem. Throwing themselves out into the universe with bad maps, blisters, but plenty of optimism, they face identical challenges in search of adventure, life’s meaning and lasting peace. Proving that even today, there’s nothing like a little war to shake your strongest resolve.

“Simply one of the most remarkable adventure stories of our time…” ~ Richard Bangs, legendary adventurer, co-founder Mountain Travel Sobek

“More than the mere adventure of two brave men, it is a grand and noble quest for peace… Combines a marvelous sense of Zen with good humor, and his personal style makes you feel as if you were there taking part in it all…” ~ Mayra Calvani, Midwest Book Review

“A travel lodestone – a magical quest, a warts-and-all journey… This is a special book hovering above its obvious travel-shelf slot into a spot of its own.” ~ Marilis Hornidge, Courier-Gazette, Maine

“Strictly fast-forward… Wilson’s remarkably attractive account will galvanize couch potatoes…” ~ ForeWord Reviews

“Simply one of the most remarkable adventure stories of our time, and one that proves that with the right combination of character and determination great things can be done, and the eyes of the world can be opened.” ~ Richard Bangs, adventurer/author/host of the PBS-TV series Richard Bangs’ Adventures With Purpose

“A fascinating testimony of faith and gumption that inspired two men to take seven million steps for peace. A must read…” ~ Arun Gandhi, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, University of Rochester, NY

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ALONG THE TEMPLAR TRAIL: Seven Million Steps for Peace by Brandon Wilson

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