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Jerome grew up in Northern Michigan surrounded by water. Reading books about harrowing  adventures fueled his mind to live life outside of the box as he grew up. He started his sailing career late, but once he caught the bug, it took off and never stopped.

In October  of 2017, Jerome climbed aboard his Westsail 32, Mighty Sparrow, Jerome would circle the globe alone and return to where he started, Gloucester, MA in June of 2018. His incredible adventure has only been completed by a handful of folks in a vessel of that size. The journey spanned 271 days and over 29,000 miles.

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A Nonstop Solo Circumnavigation – Sail Magazine

What is it that makes someone want to sail alone and nonstop around the world? I’m just an average guy from Petosky, Michigan, who learned to sail on his dad’s Hobie 16. When I first started sailing offshore in my 20s, mostly working as crew on delivery trips, I found the same books aboard many of the boats, written by such great sailors as Bernard Moitessier, Francis Chichester, Robin Knox-Johnston, Joshua Slocum and Miles Smeeton. I was spellbound by what I considered these truly great sailors and the adventures they’d had. They set my imagination ablaze with thoughts of sailing in the high latitudes and in the Southern Ocean. I was hooked from the first time I read about the 1968 Golden Globe Race, and as most sailors do, I wondered what it would be like to make such a voyage. Little did I know that my sailing life would come full circle, that someday I would be writing about my own trip around the world. It was just a dream back then, and I thought I had little chance of actually taking on my own circumnavigation.

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Jerome’s book Sailing Into Oblivion is available below:


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