Germany’s Most Popular Cycle Route – Elbe River Cycle Route (Elberadweg)

The Elbe Cycle Route starts in the northern Czech Republic and takes you 1220 km’s (758 miles) along the beautiful River Elbe to the North Sea near Cuxhaven. In a country with arguably the worlds best marked long-distance cycling trails along the Baltic, through forests and mountain ranges and along some of the truly great rivers including the Rhine, Danube, Moselle. The Elbe Cycle Route is regularly voted Germany’s favourite cycling route.

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The Elbe Cycle Path — cross-border cycling pleasure – Komoot

Bike Touring Collection by Elberadweg

The Elbe Cycle-Path. Four little words that immediately arouse a sense of wanderlust in cyclists. For years, it has been the most popular cycling route in Germany, with the reasons for its notoriety being aplenty: the slopes in the Czech Republic section are characterized by only a few ascents, imposing village centres and numerous opportunities for a break. In Germany, fascinating landscapes and exciting cities form an exciting mixture of natural and cultural highlights. And all of this sits on a perfectly developed bike path.

The Elbe Cycle Path is about 1,270 kilometres long and accompanies the Elbe from its source in the Czech Sudeten Mountains to Cuxhaven, where it flows into the North Sea. It covers a total distance of 1,091 kilometres from the source, where the Elbe is still called “Labe”, to the estuary. A third of the river’s length meanders through the Czech Republic, while the remaining 727 kilometres flow to the sea over northern Germany.

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Bike Germany ElbeRadWeg (eng subtitles)

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Germany is such a vast country especially since the unification of East and West Germany. It has such a wide variety of landscape and terrain from the flatlands of the north to the alpine mountains of Bavaria. All of which can give good cycling.

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