Sky Camping With Martin (11 yrs) & Honza Rejmanek – Cloudbase Mayhem Podcast


Honza Rejmanek competed in the Red Bull X-Alps 5 times. His last was in 2015 but apparently nutty runs in the family and he and his son Martin have been doing incredible 8 day tandem vol-biv adventures for the past three years in the Alps. Their style is pure- no mechanical support is allowed (ie they fly or they walk), food is collected or carried, where they start and end is fixed so if they don’t make it one year they just come back the next! Honza says compared to the X-Alps they move at about one-quarter of the speed but with four times the weight and no support crew!

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Cross Country interviews: Honza Rejmanek, Weather Guru

Join five-time Red Bull X-Alps pilot and weather guru Honza Rejmanek and his son Martin in a live pilot weather coaching session. How do thermals work? What do they look like? Why do they ‘blow up’? And how can you identify and avoid the dreaded cu-nims and storm clouds – plus how to make a paragliding forecast for your area. More journal than a magazine, Cross Country aims to keep paraglider, paramotor and hang glider pilots fuelled with inspiration and information. Founded in 1988, and read in over 75 countries, Cross Country is respected as independent and authoritative. Ten issues are published each year alongside an annual Travel Guide. Cross Country also publishes best-selling technique books.

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Red Bull X-Alps 2019: Full Documentary


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