Hiking The Length Of the 4500km Great Wall Of China

Great Walk of China Film

When model Katie-Jane Cooper met adventurer Tarka L’Herpiniere, no one could have imagined the dramatic life-change she was about to embark on. Swapping her high heels for walking boots and leaving behind all the comforts of her glamorous life. The Great Walk of China sees Tarka recount Katie’s incredible epic life-changing journey. This dramatic journey sees Katie battle sand storms, blizzards, temperatures from +40ºC to -35ºC, frostbite, starvation, exhaustion and dehydration – narrowly escaping with her life on one harrowing occasion. Pushed physically and psychologically to the limit, Katie struggles to find the strength to go on, but the friendship, hospitality and generosity of the local people she meets along the way renew her strength and resolve. Set against the backdrop of the awe-inspiring Wall which, despite causing Katie much pain and misery during her journey, weaves a magical, captivating spell that leaves you wondering what lies around the next corner and over the horizon. In 167 days and over 4500km Katie became the first to walk continually and unsupported along the entire length of the Great Wall of China from it’s most westerly terminus to it’s most easterly. Primal Journey and Pangaea TV bring you this outstanding story of adventure and self-discovery.

Nominated for best independent film 2009 at the Media Innovation Awards

You can stay in touch with Katie and find out more about her adventures at https://katiejaneendurance.com/ or follow her on Instagram @katiejaneendurance

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