Wild Night Out – Explorers Connect – Sat, Jul, 11th

The night of adventure is back #wildnightout2020. For one night each year we invite everyone to take on a new adventure, big or small. We’d love you to join us on 11th July 2020.


As a society we are spending too much time indoors. In particular, the recent lockdown measures for COVID-19 have been essential to protect lives but have also had an adverse affect on wellbeing.

We believe the solution is to support and encourage each other to get adventurous. Spending time on adventures is empowering, brings people together and is fun. It has also been proven to help with mental health problems including anxiety and depression. #wildnightout2020 is a dedicated date in the diary for us all to get adventurous under the cover of darkness.

Wild Night Out was started by Explorers Connect founder Belinda Kirk in 2016. After 20 years of taking people of all ages into the wilderness, she understands first-hand the positive impact that adventure can have on people’s lives. So far 5,500 people have participated in Wild Night Out raising over £66,000 for conservation and youth charities.

There are so many ways you can go wild at night, including torchlit hikes, night bike rides, family camp-outs… Anyone and everyone can take this opportunity to make amazing memories to treasure forever.

Get involved – https://www.explorersconnect.com/wild-night-out

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