World’s 20 Best Surf Towns – National Geographic

A great surf town is the sum of its parts. These 20 towns run the gamut, from a mecca for the surf-obsessed to a spot where surfing’s in its infancy. With waves awaiting, an adventurous spirit, and a little guidance, you can’t go wrong.

From Hossegor on the French Atlantic to Hawaii, California, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, Bali and more surprising spots around the world.

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Surf travel guide – 29 amazing surf destinations

Interested in surf travel? You need to research the best surfing locations in the world!

The best surf trips should include sunshine, frothy waves, sandy beaches, exciting surf destinations and waxed boards. I’m a big believer that surfing and travelling actually go hand in hand.

Many an adventurous traveller has tried their hand at surfing whilst on the road. there is a vast array of surf holiday spots around the globe to choose from, many in stunning locations.

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I Spent a Year Surfing and Traveling the World and This Is What I Learned and Saw

As the plane’s descent broke beneath the clouds, I got my first glimpse of the ocean. It was dark blue, bringing a smile to my face and a spark in my eyes. It had been five weeks since I’d last seen the ocean – the longest time I’d ever been away from it – from the holy Ganga to the valleys of the north and the palaces of the Maharajahs. I got to town just before sunset and jumped into the sand. For me, the ocean means life, and I shall always return to it no matter how long I’m away.

This was the start of a new journey. It would be a year full of surprises and unexpected experiences. And even though I’ve been traveling and surfing the world for years, I decided this was the time to do something new. I’d travel for a few months without surfing. Since I’d always wanted to go to India and I’d never surfed in Indonesia, I was going to kill two birds with one stone here by making my way through the mountains north of India to the waves of Indonesia.

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