Brazilian Cowboy Filipe Massetti Leite Completes His 8-Year, 26,000km Horse Ride The Length Of The Americas.

Brazilian Cowboy Finishes 8-Year Ride Across the Americas – ExplorersWeb

Filipe Masetti Leite, 33, rode into Calgary, Alberta on July 3, completing a 26,000km, eight-year ride across the Americas. Appropriately, his journey ended at the Calgary Stampede grounds. This is where he began his marathon journey back in July 2012.

Since then, he has been crossing the Americas on horseback one section at a time. From his 2012 Calgary start, Leite first rode 16,000km to his parents’ home in Sao Paulo, Brazil, arriving in 2014. He set off again in 2016 and rode the 7,350km from Brazil to Patagonia. Last year, he covered 2,600km from Alaska to Grande Prairie, Alberta, from which he left on May 20 to complete the 800km last section. He crossed 12 countries during his ride. Click here.. to read more.


On July 3, 2020 Filipe will arrive at the Calgary Stampede Rodeo – where his journey began 8 years earlier – having crossed the Americas on horseback. He will become the first Brazilian to do so and only the third person in the world.

You can buy Felipe’s books below, also the book by Aime Tschiffley, who rode from Buenos Aires to New York City in 1925. and so inspired Felipe.


On July 8, 2012, Brazilian journalist Filipe Masetti Leite embarked on one of the most daring equestrian adventures attempted in almost a hundred years. This second-generation cowboy rode three horses through 12 countries from Canada to Brazil, following a dream passed down from his father and inspired by the legendary long-riders of the past.

Click here.. to read Filipe’s journal entries and check out the 90 dispatch videos from that first epic adventure.


After spending a year writing a book about this amazing experience, this 21st-century long rider realized his dream wasn’t complete and a second journey quickly began to take shape. This time Filipe would continue south, starting where his first journey ended and not stopping until he could go no further. His destination – the end of the world – Ushuaia on the island of Tierra del Fuego, the southernmost point in the Americas.


But Journey America is not quite done. One small section of North America remains, and while this ride will be shorter than the first two—roughly 2,000 miles—it may turn out to be the hardest of all. On May 17, 2019, Filipe Masetti Leite set out on the final stage of his memorable adventure. Journey America Part 3: Ride to Where it All Began will follow Filipe and his horses as they attempt to ride from Fairbanks, Alaska through some of the world’s most rugged and beautiful country to Calgary, Canada, the starting point and the ending point of Journey America.

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