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There is a growing Hike & Fly ‘scene’ in the UK, with the X-Lakes event (Northern England) and the Dragon Race (Wales). On the Continent, there are many events to choose from. Longer ‘volbiv’ trips can be achieved anywhere there are mountains. It takes the focus off the numbers (XC league scores) and is more about adventuring through a landscape, on foot, or in the air.

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Part of this reluctance is due to the massive bags some pilots have acquired. Paragliding gear certainly went through a ‘heavy’ phase, but there are now some amazing setups you can buy that improve your enjoyment of random strolls and off-route exploration.

When your bag gets close to 10kg, it becomes fun. Some exercise helps to prepare your body for a day out in the hills. Take the dog for a jog, and you’ll be ready to go!

We recommend you have some experience of flying XC, a good knowledge of various flying sites, and a Pilot rating as a minimum (IPPI 4/5), as you’ll need to be making all your own decisions regarding finding a takeoff spot and judging the weather.

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HIKE & FLY Tutorial (Paragliding XC at the Dragon Race 2019)

Made for paraglider pilots, this flight analysis and tactical review will take you inside the Dragon Hike and Fly race to help you improve your XC flying. This annual paragliding event is run over a weekend in the mountains of South East Wales. Join Greg as he hikes, flies, and gasps his way around the course.

X-LAKES 2019: Kites that overhead are sailing in the sky

The essence of hike and fly adventure racing, the X-Lakes Paragliding Challenge is set in the Lake District, on the North West coast of England, a mountainous region that forms a National Park. Home of Wordsworth, and the Wainwrights. Our objective: collect as many peaks as we can, by foot or by air, during the weekend race. Hike, or fly? You decide.

5 Tips for a Multi-Day Hike & Fly Adventure with Paul Guschlbauer

Go to Paul’s site at to keep an eye on his many adventures or Instagram @paulguschlbauer or Instagram @redbullxalps

Red Bull X-Alps 2019: Full Documentary

advanced paragliders
Advance Paragliders –

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