Trans-Siberian Express. The World’s Longest Train Journey

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There are basically two different ways to travel the Trans Siberian railway: either taking a direct train or making stopovers along the way. The second option is better because you get to see the Russian cities along the way and you may also be able to reduce the cost of your Trans Siberian trip this way.

TransSiberian map

Trans-Siberian railway or Transsib is the longest railway in the world (about 8000 km) and takes about 6 days to cross from Moscow to Vladivostok. A branch of this railway that goes from Chita to Beijing through Ulan-Bataar (in Mongolia) is called Trans-Mongolian and the other branch that goes around Mongolia straight to China is called Trans Manchurian railway. The whole journey from Moscow to Beijing also takes about 6 days.
The best way to travel along Transsib is to take trains between the major cities staying a few days in each, so you don’t have have to spend several days in the same train compartment. The more interesting places to stop along the way are Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk (2 days by train from Moscow – from there you can go to Altay mountains for trekking and rafting), Krasnoyarsk (3 days from Moscow – the climbing mecca and a great city), Irkutsk (4 days from Moscow – Baikal lake), Ulan-Ude (4.5 days – the first “Asian” city in Russia along the way), Vladivostok (6 days). Of course, Ulan-Bataar (5 days from Moscow) in Mongolia and Beijing in China also if you’re traveling in that direction.
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The Ultimate Guide to Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway


Welcome to the Ultimate Guide to Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway! Kara and I just completed our 11-day Trans-Siberian journey from Moscow to Vladivostok. Our entire journey covered over 9,280 km. We spent 7 nights sleeping on the train, 4 nights sleeping in cities along the way, and consumed far too many instant meals to count.

We have traveled to over 60 countries, and the Trans-Siberian has been one of the hardest trips I have ever planned. First, we had to sort out our Russian visas. Next, we had to figure out our route. Then, we had to figure out how to buy the train tickets (without getting ripped off), and that was just the beginning of the planning. 

Before leaving for this trip, I really struggled to find all of the information I needed to plan and book this trip independently. It was even harder to get a feel for what the trip itself would actually be like. 

So, I’m hoping this blog post can serve as a practical guide to help you plan your trip, and our YouTube videos will give you an idea of what to expect day in and day out. If you’re wondering why you’d ever want to spend 11 days riding across Russia on a train, check out some of our YouTube videos from the trip!

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The Trans-Mongolian Route – From Moscow to Ulaanbaatar

A journey from Moscow to Ulaanbaatar and the Gobi Desert along more than 8.000 kms on trains, vans and planes in 4 weeks of travel. We enjoyed amazing scenery and incredible travel mates every single day. The journey was an unforgettable experience that left an everlasting footprint in my memory. Recommended for anyone who is an adventurer in the heart. Footage taken in August 2018.

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