10 All-New Expedition Vehicles and Overlanding Trucks

An expedition vehicle is basically a luxury Class-A motorhome that has outstanding off-road capabilities and is ready to go off-grid for a very long time. These giant trucks participate in the longest tours across the most desolate regions on Earth: from the permafrost of arctic Tundra to the arid Sahara desert. Today we will explore the latest builds within this segment of RVs and journey along the roads untraveled to the edge of the world!

Or you could build your own!

Like the guys at Terratrotter. As they say ‘An expedition truck is not just a vehicle, it’s an all-weather, off-road, off-grid tiny house on big wheels ready for some serious adventure.’

Find out more at the Terratrotter website https://www.terratrotter.eu/

If you have a passion for off-the-beaten-track adventure, being immersed in spectacular landscapes, witnessing exotic wildlife, and visiting diverse cultures – all at a pace set by you – an overland camper can turn your dreams into reality. This manual gives clear and helpful advice on how to establish the kind of overlanding vehicle most appropriate to your own particular needs and, with clear step-by-step guidance, will help you through the process of designing, building and fitting-out your own ultimate overlanding companion.


If building or buying your overland truck is not an option you can always go on a recognized tour anywhere in the world with an Overland tour operator:

Best Overland Tour Operators  – Based on 1576 reviews by Tourradar

After reviewing traveller feedback on all overland tour operators, our Travel Experts have hand-selected ten of the top companies with the best ratings across the board. Dragoman is the most renowned operator, and Acacia Adventure Holidays takes the top spot in terms of excellent reviews.

1. Acacia Adventure Holidays 4.7 75 Africa
2. On the Go Tours 4.7 52 Africa, Asia, Latin America
3. Dragoman 4.6 250+ Africa, Asia, Latin America
4. Intrepid 4.6 57 Africa, Australia/Oceania
5. G Adventures 4.6 18 Africa
6. Topdeck 4.6 18 Africa
7. Absolute Africa 4.5 43 Africa
8. Encounters Travel 4.5 6 Africa
9. Madventure Travel 4.3 10 Worldwide
10. Oasis Overland 4.2 87 Africa, Asia, Latin America

Tourradar – Overland Tour Operators https://www.tourradar.com/gi/overland-companies

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