The Yacht Week Story

The Yacht Week Story

A decade of discovery.

From 30 yachts in 2006, to 1353 booked in 2015: Watch the tale of two Swedes unfold into the epic story of The Yacht Week.

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The Yacht Week website does a good job of guiding you through this, but here’s the gist:

  1. Pick a location – There are now nine different options!

    1. Yacht Week Croatia, Original route

    2. Yacht Week Croatia, Ultra Festival route

    3. Yacht Week Greece, Athens route

    4. Yacht Week Caribbean, BVI route

    5. Yacht Week Montenegro, Adriatic route

    6. Yacht week Polynesia, Tahiti route
  2. Pick a week – each event is 7 days long and generally start and end on Saturday. The options vary by location, with the Europe routes running in the summer and the rest in winter/spring

  3. Find some friends! – 1 to 12 of them, to be exact. There are two ways to book: you can either book an entire yacht and fill it yourself, or you can grab a friend and book a cabin as a duo. When you do the latter option you don’t have a say in who you’re with or which yacht you’re on. They do have a Yacht Week crew finder which allows you to join existing crews or find people to fill up any open spots you may have on your boat

  4. Pick a yacht – this is where pricing comes into play. Depending on your budget, your crew size, your necessities (AC?), pricing will obviously vary. If you’re going on a route in the middle of summer, splurge for the AC!

Go to to read the full post, where she describes her own experiences on Yacht Week. Christie also goes deeper into costs, what goes on, and what you need to take. In fact, she has done a whole post How to Pack for The Yacht Week and Bucketlust

GORGON CITY at The Yacht Week 2019

Gorgon City bringing the party to The Yacht Week, Croatia. The Yacht Week is a series of boutique mobile floating festivals set in 5 destinations around the world making yachting accessible for everyone.

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