Meet Ant Middleton: SBS sniper, celebrity adventurer and father – Outdoor Adventure Guide


Wearing a t-shirt that shows off his muscles and boasting a thick, glossy beard that would make any hipster jealous (he’s sponsored by Pioneer Beard grooming products), it’s hard to imagine the smooth Ant Middleton before me roughing it in the Special Forces where, as lead scout, he had the somewhat risky job of being the first person to go through any dangerous doors (he was also a primary firearm operator and sniper).

But when he talks, Ant reveals unusual levels of calmness, clarity and authority. He’s got that cool and clever James Bond thing going on. I realise that what I’m seeing isn’t someone who is trying to look trendy to seek approval. It’s a product of rigorous training. He is perfectly dressed, perfectly groomed and perfectly mannered for the occasion at hand. He is also, unusually in today’s world of emails constantly pinging in your pocket, 100% present. Read more….