11 things you need to know before swimming the English Channel – RedBull

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It’s one of the great swimming challenges and it’s right on your doorstep. We asked one athlete who recently swam between the UK and France to give us the lowdown.

Crossing the 118 miles between the UK and France by just slashing your arms and legs in open water is no mean feat. As a crow flies it works down to 1,340 lengths of a 25m swimming pool – but of course then you have the icy cold waters to deal with. And for UK-based adventures, it’s hard to beat. Read more…

Over 50 years ago Philip Kaye swam the Channel breaststroke – this is how he is remembered


The daughter of a Huddersfield man who swam the English Channel by breaststroke has presented a special trophy in his memory to a local swimmer.

Helen Kaye-Wyatt, whose late father Philip Kaye was the first person to complete the swim by breaststroke, presented The Philip Kaye Memorial Trophy to swimmer Milly Boulding, 13, who is an 800m freestyle swimmer and member of the Borough of Kirklees Swimming Club. Read more…