The Cyclist’s Guide to Haleakala – Summit4Cad

There are few climbs a cyclist can attempt that will take them from ocean level to over 10,000ft – and this is one of them.  Haleakala is a monstrous ride.  The numbers are straight forward – 35.52 miles, 10,548ft in total gained altitude (the summit is 10,023ft above sea level), a temperature differential of 30-40 degrees from surf to summit, and a an average gradient of 5.5% (10-12% in places).


For “roadies” or road cyclists – Haleakala is the mountain to conquer; it’s the biggest climb a road cyclist can hope to accomplish.  This guide was written to help you make the best choices in preparation so your attempt will be successful.  A large majority of cyclists who set out to conquer Haleakala fail.  I know several “solid” cyclists who have made as many as 3 attempts to summit Haleakala and have still never succeed in reaching the summit. Read more…