Watch Danny MacAskill’s new film Home of Trails – RedBull

If you haven’t heard of the The Swiss vacation destination Graubünden, then we’re here to let you know all about it!

Nicknamed “The Home of Trails”, no other alpine region in Europe has as many trails in such a small area – over 17,000km of rideable paths stretch across the mountainous region. It’s the ultimate mountain biker’s playground. Read the full interview here..


The Art Of Adventure: Joey Schusler’s Unexpected Journey – Bikepacking

Our friend Joey Schusler was recently featured in Freehub Magazine for his history and career in mountain bike adventure filmmaking and photography. As part of the feature they’ve released a series of videos titled, The Art of Adventure…


Although sill a pup in his 20s, Joey Schusler has already built quite the career around mountain bikes, bikepacking, and adventure filmmaking. With roots in Boulder, CO, the mountains have been a formative force in Joey Schusler’s life. After nearly a decade of racing – all the while climbing the ranks from local races to the UCI World Cup — his focus began to shift toward filmmaking. One thing led to another and this creative outlet pushed Joey to see how far his bike could take him, not just how fast he could go. In the years since, he’s traveled the world with his camera, bike and best friends, exploring rugged and remote areas, telling the stories of places and their people. For Joey, adventuring is not only a lifestyle, but an art form. Read more…