The UK’s seven toughest swimming challenges – RedBull


With a coastline stretching just shy of 19,500 miles and almost 400 lakes, UK swimmers are spoilt for choice when it comes to open-water options.

Only the hardcore would think of taking on the following seven challenges though. Whether it’s battling it out in sub-zero conditions, a river-based marathon, or a relentless 24-hour challenge, these open-water events would test even the most experienced pros. Read more...

We are looking for open minded, environmentally conscious, adventurous people to join our expedition, The Longest Swim – Explorers Connect.


We are a small group of young and crazy volunteers aka the DISCO CREW, Ben Lecomte’s support team for his world record attempt to swim across the Pacific Ocean from Japan to USA. The expedition is expected to last at least six months, and we will be collecting samples all the way to contribute to oceanic and medical research. More than just a swim, we hope to educate and raise awareness on the state of the world’s oceans. However our family of volunteers is still not complete, we seek the right group of individuals to join our project that can contribute in a variety of way. Read more…

My SwimRun journey – Oli Smiddy


I first discovered Swimrun through friends, as is often the way. They spoke in awed tones of a race across the Stockholm archipelago that took all day to traverse 75km over 20+ islands, entailed running in a wetsuit and swimming in trainers, and had to be completed as a pair. It was just the sort of bonkers event that appealed to me, and so I approached a friend who was keen, entered the ballot, and began training. Read more…

Meet The Man Who Defies All Doubters To Swim The World’s Longest Rivers – Uproxx


I first heard of Martin Strel on the documentary film festival circuit in early 2009. A film called Big River Man — about a Slovenian dude who played classical guitar for the Pope and swam the length of the world’s longest rivers — was making waves at Sundance and Edinburgh. I immediately felt called to see it.

Later that year, I found myself at a mystery screening in Berlin. One of those nights where you’re either blessed with an early showing of There Will Be Blood, or cursed with The Love Guru. On this particularly hot summer day, in a moment of pure kismet, the enthralling story of Martin Strel flickered onto the screen.

The film portrayed a man who loved life, beer, food, and wine. Like, really, really loved wine. But also accomplished feats of physical exertion that you only read about in obscure medical journals or comic books.

The Martin Strel I saw on screen that day wasn’t some über-fit Adonis you’d expect to see at the Olympics. He was a portly and fatherly guy who relished eating horse meat burgers and pounding pitchers of beer mid-swim. Here was a person who was able to push his limits in ways that seemed impossible, who also happened to be an average looking dad with a pot belly and a tall-boy in one hand. Read more…